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Trigonos is the place where..

.Aerial view of Trigonos                                                                                                                                                                                        Image by Ashley Duckerin

…. you are given the resources, freedom and support needed to achieve your objectives in
a perfect environment for learning, discovery and retreat. At Trigonos we can be as creative as
you are, as dedicated to meeting your requirements as if they were our own and doing so as
unobtrusively as possible.

 "As a trainer what I value most from Trigonos is the understated, but
efficient and focussed way the centre is run.…the staff manage to shape
the place to fit whoever is there– from whatever background or context.
The group often arrives demoralized and exhausted.
Simply spending time here at Trigonos is perfect for de-stressing"

….  the food is freshly prepared, simple, nourishing and enjoyable, with much produce being home grown. We specialise in vegetarian cuisine - that even non-vegetarians love - offering meat dishes when required.  We have a track record of meeting a wide variety of special dietary requirements to everyone’s great satisfaction.

"The food, speaking personally, is some of the best I eat anywhere.
It is real food – fresh and cooked with care"

…. the meeting rooms are bright, with excellent natural light & fresh air. The bedrooms (single and twins, the majority en-suite) are comfortable, uncluttered and with some fine views

"The accommodation is first class and provides
the variety that a
large group like ours needs"

Group outside Plas

…. our strong commitment to the environment includes a biomass heating system that keeps the hot water constantly flowing and the residents warm on the coldest days. A 4 kWh photo-voltaic array and extensive use of low energy light bulbs & equipment keeps electricity usage from non-renewable sources to the minimum.

                                "It is a place based on values – values that show a commitment not only to
                                learning, but also to environmental, physical, social and spiritual well-being"

…. the natural world around Trigonos always impresses and – even in the mists - is quite stunning, encouraging the sense that here many things are possible.

"Set in a glorious location within the Snowdonia National Park in its
own grounds on the shore of a lake and looking up to the mountains.
It is deeply peaceful and inspirational to spend time in these beautiful surroundings"

….as  a not-for-profit organisation Trigonos is rooted in a values driven approach to energy, bio-diversity, food quality, waste management and employment practices, while working hard to provide what our visitors require.

"Trigonos gets consistently rave reviews from our course participants
and in particular for this added element of a civilised and caring way of living
in a world that often seems woefully short of such qualities."

…. our all-in-one price per participant covers just about everything including:

  • breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • morning coffee with biscuits and afternoon tea with homemade cakes
  • a wide range of teas, coffees, hot chocolate and coffee substitutes plus fresh fruit - to which you help yourself anytime of the day or night
  • up to 3 multi-purpose meeting rooms with tables, comfortable chairs and floor cushions as required
  • projectors (digi/ohp/slide), flipcharts & markers, TV/DVD player, CD player and internet access

Only photocopying and telephone calls attract extra charges.
You can easily draw up a budget for your event and keep to it.
You can be confident that there are no hidden costs.

"It is not only the setting, the comfortable rooms, the excellent food and the beautiful,
light-filled workspace that bring me back to Trigonos over and over..we get very good
value for money, too, with all that is provided to help my groups feel held and nurtured"

The quotations in italics above are all from tutors/organisers of educational and training programmes  at Trigonos.

Group outsidein the grounds 
Enjoying Trigonos outside spaces


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