The Turning of the Year

The year is always on the turn, whether we’re revelling at midnight on December 31st, celebrating a midsummer sunrise or just having a Monday morning piece of toast. The tide is always on the turn somewhere as it spirals around the world from shore to shore reflecting the passage of the moon overhead as it goes. An endless instant of change – no end, no beginning – Alpha and Omega neatly spliced.

Precisely when does the Old Year end and the New Year begin? Midnight in Caernarfon does not correspond with midnight in Honolulu, yet acknowledging the shift is a collective experience. The passage from Winter to Spring or from Summer to Autumn is also sensed by us all, “Did you feel the turn in the air?”

It’s a funny little word – “TURN” a bit of trickster, it can turn you upside down and inside out. We use it such a lot to point to change – a turn for the better a turn for the worse, a turning away or towards, off or on etc.
In anticipation of just such a moment when the twelfth chime approaches, we link arms and sing “Auld Lang Syne” together.

With that I will turn in for the night and wonder what will turn up tomorrow.