The Food of Love

February. The month that heralds the celebration of St Valentine*: patron saint of love. My days of waiting impatiently for the arrival of those special cards are over, but my remembrance of love continues.

We know that food made with love and care really does taste better. Our chefs know that the food grown on our land may not be perfectly formed, but it always tastes so much more beautiful than anything grown in the vast greenhouses of mass producing farms. At Trigonos, our colleagues who work the land selflessly sow love alongside the tiniest of seeds. This love continues to nurture those seeds into flourishing plants. In turn, those plants repay that love by providing our chefs with the finest of ingredients. The cycle continues as we seamlessly pass that love on to our guests, through the food prepared by our kitchen team.

We all remember with fondness, meals made for us by family, friends and those who have loved and cherished us. Meals that weren’t always perfect, but were made perfect by the love put into them. One of my fondest memories is of a birthday of mine some years ago. My very young children created a ‘surprise’ breakfast in bed that was beyond compare – the toast was black, the tea was stone cold and the cornflakes were topped with an entire bag of sugar! But it was, and still remains, the most delicious food I have ever tasted. For I knew just how much love and care had been poured into preparing that tray of delights.

On the day we traditionally celebrate love, perhaps then we can look beyond the perfection that we seem to seek so desperately in this world. Maybe instead we can use St Valentine’s Day to plant our own futures. For when we sow a seed of love somewhere, it will always return to us, in some way, shape or form. It may not always be perfect, but it will always be sweet. And it will always make us feel so very special, and, above all else, loved.


*Apologies to St Dwynwen