Planning for the future

We are closing 2018 with some exciting plans for 2019 that we are happy to share with you! Rather remarkably, Trigonos has an almost full diary going well into 2020 (though often space to add in smaller groups and B&Bs so don’t hold back from enquiring about availability) and this has given us the confidence to expand our thinking and to strengthen our core team.

Details of posts we are looking to fill are on our website and we would be very glad if you would forward the information if you know of anyone who might be suitable or interested (or consider it yourself, if you are looking for a new adventure).

Some change has been prompted by the fact that Branwen – who has been the Administrator at Trigonos for more years than she may care to name – will be ‘retiring’ from the post in January.  No need to say how much she will be missed – but we are saying it anyway!

To support the changes, Judy, Richard and Ros (the co-founders) have created a brief overview of the aspirations and values that underpin Trigonos. The values and sense of purpose that underpin Trigonos are important if, at times, somewhat elusive – you can see more about this on the Values page, but also, in due course, they will be publishing a booklet about the origins and history of the project. We’ll let you know when it is available.

The founder-directors, have worked together as a team of three providing continuity and stability for Trigonos for more than 20 years.  Their hope is that Trigonos has made, and will continue to make, its unique contribution to learning, well-being and transformation in a troubling and uncertain world.


November 2018