Gone With The Wind

Look what happened to our lovely Cornus Mas – brought down in full bloom, floored by a wind called Doris!

It’s not quite March and all the fallen branches are covered with pretty little pale yellow flowers. Some mornings light rain would gather around these tiny petal and when sunlight shone through them the branches would be beaded with radiance. In summertime she made a parasol of green shade, turning to a rich purple in autumn when bright red berries announced her more familiar name Cornelian Cherry.

Well she won’t be with us this autumn but now we can see the Ginkgo Biloba – her more familiar name is Maidenhair tree. This is a very young specimen of possibly the most ancient of all living trees, with leaf fossils dating back over two million years. Native to China and well known to Chinese medicine, Ginkgo Biloba is an endangered species – apparently a wild population has been found only one mountain in Eastern China. Fortunately many fine cultivated examples can be seen all around the world. This one came as a gift from a visitor.

Who knows how the Ginkgo will make out in the Trigonos walled garden? It has just lost a beautiful protective companion but with such a provenance, surely Doris’s successors won’t get this one so easily.