ReWilding the Mind

Rewilding the mind

A 3 day retreat in the mountains of Eryri, Snowdonia – North Wales


21-24 October 2021

Trigonos, Nantlle, North Wales


Mindfulness and Rewilding and are both topics that are receiving much attention and interest in these ever-more complicated and confusing modern times. This three-day retreat will give participants an opportunity to reconnect with themselves and with the natural world in the spectacular yet comfortable surroundings of Trigonos, North Wales.




Following on from a two successful retreats in Spring and Autumn 2018 & 2019, these retreats will be in the wildwoods and mountains of Snowdonia, and it will take participants on both inner and outer journeys that explore  – through the practice of mindfulness and meditation – the inner quiet that allows us to perceive and appreciate the natural world more fully.


Contemporary interest in conservation in Britain, in Europe and beyond is being rejuvenated through the concept of “rewilding”. What can this mean, both for the countryside and to the people living within it? We will further explore – through mindfulness practice, discussion and through walks in the spectacular Dyffryn Nantlle – the concept of ReWilding the environment and the self as an approach to conserving and healing the natural world, as well as cultivating a more direct experience with Nature.

ReWilding the Mind II in October 2020 will be a further exploration for those participants of previous ReWilding the Mind retreats we have held at Trigonos. ReWilding II will follow a similar structure to the first retreat but will differ in its deeper commitment to silent presence in Nature. While not completely a silent retreat we will be dedicating ourselves to silence both in meditation and in developing a mindful presence in wild Nature.

Through such practice of bare attention, we will attune our senses to the Earth’s elemental spirit – to Light, Water, Air, to the ground beneath our feet, and to the wider community of Life.

Newcomers who are looking to ReWild the Mind with such a commitment are also very welcome

These retreats will take the form of guided mindfulness meditations, discussions and walks in the countryside and will be co-led by

Claire Thompson and Jonathan Stacey


Claire is a trainee Psychological Well Being Practitioner in the NHS as well as being the author of two books: Mindfulness and the Natural World and the more recent The Art of Mindful Birdwatching, and has been running Mindfulness in Nature retreats for a number of years in Britain and the Austrian Alps. Claire is also active in the field of international nature conservation.

Jonathan has lived and worked as an ecologist in Britain, Africa, Asia and the Americas and has been practicing mindfulness in Nature for much of his life, deeply influenced by wilderness in the deserts, mountains and forests around the world. He has made his home in North Wales and brings both a global and local perspective to the retreat.

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