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Wow what a bumper Summer it’s been, with no sign of slowing down!   We have been blown away by the support of our customers both continuing and new – we had no idea what to expect from this year…

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Storm Emma

Storm Emma began to make her way down the Nantlle Valley from Snowdon on the morning of St. David’s day, covering the daffodils with snow as she passed. By nightfall it was clear that this was not just another of…

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Our friends from the North

Six Whooper swans over-wintering from Iceland. When they arrived in late October two were in juvenile plumage but are now indistinguishable from the adults. They mix easily on the Nantlle lake with the Canada Geese who have taken up permanent…

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Frost In one night from squelchland to crisp-under-foot. Yesterday’s mud is now hard ridges of earth. The all embracing cloud and mist has given way to a piercing brightness from a winter sun floating just above the mountains. The lake…

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Lovely red apples

Lovely red apples, good enough for Red Riding Hood’s basket, good enough for the queen with the mirror on the wall. Gorgeous red apples, crisp and juicy with a delicate pinkish tinge to the flesh. Discovery they are called and…

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Making Tracks

The farmer from across the lake came to cut the silage last week. The three foot high grasses are gone. In their place sits a brownish stubble. Yet only four days after cutting green shoots are pushing through. These don’t,…

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            Harvesting The blackcurrant bush is very generous, it gives a large quantity of fruit compared to some of the other soft fruits, and the yield of jam from every pound of fruit picked is…

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Dol Gwydion Rises

In June 1996 four people, including two small children, moved into Dol Gwydion, a small house in Snowdonia. Two more people, including one child, moved into Plas Baladeulyn, the big house a few yards away. This was the beginning of…

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Gone With The Wind

Look what happened to our lovely Cornus Mas – brought down in full bloom, floored by a wind called Doris! It’s not quite March and all the fallen branches are covered with pretty little pale yellow flowers. Some mornings light…

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Transparency has always been one of Trigonos’s essential values and that includes how we deal with your personal data. We therefore welcome the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which came into force in May 2018.


GDPR applies to every EU based organisation that processes personal data. The regulation ensures that you know how organisations deal with your data and protect it from wrong use. The law states that your personal data belongs to you and the GDPR sets out clear rules on how organisations should collect, use and store your personal data


Trigonos has produced a privacy statement that aims to be as fair and transparent as possible and is in line with the GDPR. The privacy statement is set out here.


We greatly value your engagement with Trigonos and hope that we will be able to continue our interaction with you well into the future

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