What You Eat Is As important To Us As It Is To You


It can be hard to concentrate on the task facing us if there is uncertainty about what we might be given to eat – it’s just natural

Our food is vegetarian and is of such quality that even dedicated meat eaters can be fully satisfied by it. We achieve this because we understand that if you are not naturally a vegetarian being faced with a meatless diet can seem daunting


“The food! I’m not a vegetarian and have tried many new things here ….
the best thing was the mushroom stroganoff  but everything else was a close second!”


Our chefs are skilled at creating really tasty, readily digestible dishes that are always freshly cooked and nutritious. Our emphasis is on fresh and seasonal produce, using home-grown whenever this is possible

“Wonderful! A thousand thank you’s!! and just to doubly send home the point – I’m quite a good cook and find eating out a nightmare – it’s something I enjoy doing, but, am normally left disappointed – but I was totally blown away, by the quality of the cooking and also of the ingredients used, there’s no cutting corners in your kitchen is there!! Absolutely FABULOUS!!”
Sian C. Debbie Redcliffe Yoga


We are also very experienced in creatively meeting a wide range of essential dietary needs including vegan, gluten-free and many others relating to significant health issues such food allergies, coeliac disease and the like

“I have never experienced the variety and quality of gluten free meals. It was very liberating to eat without worry and to feel included. It has inspired me to be more varied when cooking gluten free at home”  Bangor University course participant


Growing Our Own
In season we grow a variety of vegetables, fruits and salad stuffs for the table. Our produce is grown to Organic and Biodynamic principals and without the use of herbicides, insecticides or artificial fertilisers.

When we have a glut we make jams and chutneys that are used on the table and are sold in our small shop


The Dining Room
You serve yourselves from a buffet-style table, ensuring you get what you like and the quantity you want. No one need ever go hungry



Breakfast – includes cereals, muesli, porridge, yogurt, homemade bread, toast, homemade jams and marmalade, fresh hard-boiled eggs, preserved & fresh fruits, fruit juice, sliced cheeses, teas and fresh coffee

Lunch – Varies according to the season and is based on a range of homemade dishes including the following:

varied breads and soups

a main item such as goats cheese & red onion tart, quiche, frittata, houmous and other dips

green, tomato, beetroot, mixed and grain salads

cheese board, fresh fruit, teas and fresh coffee

Dinner –  A substantial main course, followed by dessert, cheese and biscuits, fresh fruit, teas and coffee


Drinks – Many varieties of teas and herbal / fruit infusions, caffeinated and decaffeinated coffees, coffee substitutes and hot chocolate are available to residents at all times and at no extra charge. You just help yourselves

Wines, beers and spirits – We are not licensed to sell alcohol but you are welcome to bring your own. This way you avoid paying hotel prices and can drink what you enjoy.  Locally, a reasonable selection of wines and beers is available from the Co-op shop in Penygroes.
We provide the wine glasses.

“As a vegan I can’t thank you enough for the amazing food and your warmth and hospitality far surpass anything I have experienced before”
Jacky S


 Trigonos recipes

Try some of our most popular recipes for yourself


Meeting Essential Dietary Needs
Our chefs are very experienced at catering for all kinds of essential dietary requirements and always produce a meal of equal quality to that given to the majority. If you have an essential dietary need you won’t be disappointed when eating at Trigonos
When you make a booking with Trigonos you will be asked about any essential dietary needs.


Allergies and intolerance
These are the standard definitions used by health services in the UK

Food Allergies produces specific symptoms, such as swelling of the lips which usually develops within minutes of eating the food. Only a tiny particle of food is needed to trigger a food allergy. The symptoms of a food allergy can be life threatening

Food intolerances produces more general symptoms, such as indigestion or bloating, that can develop up to several hours after eating. The symptoms of a food intolerance, unpleasant as they can be, are never immediately life threatening.

Please be certain to tell us of your essential dietary needs before your visit. We cannot cater for you if we don’t know what you need or are advised after your arrival.

Please note: Whilst we will always work to meet essential dietary needs we cannot cater for personal tastes and preferences. We also believe that part of enhancing your stay with Trigonos is the journey of meals, trying new things, unexpected taste experiences and leaving with new ideas of how to use responsibly sourced produce!


We are approved by the Vegetarian Society for our vegan and vegetarian food


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GDPR applies to every EU based organisation that processes personal data. The regulation ensures that you know how organisations deal with your data and protect it from wrong use. The law states that your personal data belongs to you and the GDPR sets out clear rules on how organisations should collect, use and store your personal data


Trigonos has produced a privacy statement that aims to be as fair and transparent as possible and is in line with the GDPR. The privacy statement is set out here.


We greatly value your engagement with Trigonos and hope that we will be able to continue our interaction with you well into the future

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