The blackcurrant bush is very generous, it gives a large quantity of fruit compared to some of the other soft fruits, and the yield of jam from every pound of fruit picked is also greater than you will get from strawberries or raspberries.

Once again this year the crop has been good, we were glad of fingers big and small to help with the fiddly sticky business of stripping the berries from the branch. We find that cutting the whole fruiting branch direct from the bush is a useful way of both pruning and harvesting at the same time. It allows space for the new growth to form that will bear next year’s shiny little promises of delicious blackcurrant jam and makes picking much easier and more sociable than bending over for hours on end.

Over to the chefs!                                                                                                                                     Judy August 2017


Trigonos blackcurrant jam and wholemeal loaf