Our starting point….

We have evolved a number of core values that underpin what we do and what we offer – though we try to live
them discreetly so that those who visit feel free rather than constrained.  These values include:12a-tai-cji-lake

  • Enabling guests to achieve all that they want during their stay and to discover things they may not have anticipated
  • Being transparent in our dealing with guests, providing good value and keeping charges at as modest a level as is possible
  • Providing all employees with fair rewards, an enjoyable and safe working environment and the opportunity to develop their interests, capacities and ambitions
  • Working with wider communities and networks to maintain and improve the natural, built and social environments, while always supporting the principle of equity in financial dealings and economic development
  • Managing the land as stewards responsible for ensuring biodiversity is sustained, the soil nurtured, produce is nutritious and wildlife has a proper place
  • Sustaining healthy buildings and a non-wasteful ambience so that people feel comfortable, cared for and refreshed by their association
  • Making an annual surplus (profit) that supports further investment and secures the future of Trigonos as a social business. As a not-for-profit company we have no shareholders seeking a return on their investment