Mindfulness Network

Mindfulness Network retreats at Trigonos:

All of our five and seven-day retreats will help mindfulness teachers and trainees meet the UK Network’s Good Practice Guidelines and fulfil the annual retreat requirement to be included on the UK Network’s Listing of Mindfulness Teachers.

Please see our website for a tangible expression of our vision to ensure that mindfulness teachers, trainees  and the general public have access to high-quality retreats. Our key visions for retreats are:

  • to contribute to the provision and development of quality mindfulness teaching and practice across the UK by offering a programme of safe, high-quality, tailored retreats for mindfulness-based practitioners and teachers.
  • to lead on the development of secular retreats, accessible to those of any and no faith, integrating best practice from both traditional retreat settings and ongoing learning from the teaching of MBIs (Mindfulness-based Interventions) and from the training of MBI teachers.
  • to ensure that retreats are accessible, inclusive and available to people at different levels of experience and understanding.
  • to welcome people of every age, ethnicity, cultural heritage and religious background, socio-economic group, ability, sexual orientation and gender identity to our retreats.
  • to ensure that all retreats are led by highly-experienced teachers, trained in retreat leadership, who are senior in the field of mindfulness-based interventions.

Waking Up in Every Moment: A Seven-day Guest Teacher Retreat

Tutors: Melissa Blacker and David Rynick

Where: Trigonos in North Wales

When: 25 – 31 August 2018

An opportunity to deepen your personal meditation practice. We will focus on the possibility of waking up to our lives as they are in every moment, through meeting the suffering and joy that naturally arises in our own body, mind and heart with open and compassionate awareness. Suitable for experienced practitioners of mindfulness meditation. This retreat is expected to fill up quickly, so we recommend booking early to avoid disappointment. For more information and to book online, please visit the Mindfulness Network website at www.mindfulness-secular-retreats.org.uk/Calendar/.

Staying Mindful: Five-day Retreat

Tutors: Annee Griffiths and Sarah Millband

WhereTrigonos in North Wales

When: 1 – 5 October 2018

This five-day residential retreat is an opportunity to support, inspire, deepen and/or develop a regular mindfulness practice. Although the retreat will have extended periods of silence, there will also be periods of enquiry into practice and some paired and group work. Through familiar and new mindfulness practices, this retreat provides an excellent opportunity to deepen our mindfulness practice and further develop aspects considered in the eight-week course in a safe and nurturing environment. This retreat is suitable as a first retreat after completing the eight-week course and also for those with more experience who wish to develop their practice. It is also suitable for teachers looking for inspiration for follow-up courses. For more information and to book online, please visit the Mindfulness Network website at www.mindfulness-secular-retreats.org.uk/Calendar/.