Mindfulness Network

Through cultivating mindfulness, the Mindfulness Network has the intention to reduce human suffering, promote well-being and create the conditions in which people can flourish. Around this shared intention, we aim to bring together a network of highly-trained, mindfulness-based supervisors, teachers and retreat leaders. Our associates have all been highly trained, undergo rigorous recruitment processes in order to join our team, and are committed to engaging in ongoing updating and good practice. Our work supports the mission of the UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teachers Training Organisations which upholds and disseminates good practice standards for mindfulness-based teachers.

We aim to offer services at rates that are affordable, with the intention of supporting mindfulness teachers in the UK and beyond to engage in their work with the highest levels of integrity. We are particularly interested in supporting teachers who are working with hard to reach communities. To this end we have flexible pricing structures which enable those who can afford it to contribute funds which support those on low income.

We offer:

1. Supervision for those training or who have already trained to teach MBSR/MBCT. Our supervision will enable teachers of mindfulness-based courses to meet their good practice requirements so that they can offer the best quality to their participants.

2. Mindfulness retreats. We offer residential mindfulness practice opportunities for graduates and teachers of mindfulness courses. Our retreats offer depth and rigour in mindfulness practice whilst also ensuring that they are independent of a specific religious outlook, and are accessible to those of any religion and none. Our retreat leaders have a broad depth of experience in mindfulness practice, in guiding retreats and also have experience and understanding of contemporary mainstream mindfulness. Participants will receive excellent support and guidance from highly trained and experienced teachers and meditation instructors.

Retreats include meditation instruction, talks, and guided sessions of mindfulness meditation practice including mindful movement. They provide a safe and nourishing environment for the cultivation of a deep and grounded mindfulness meditation practice. Our retreats for mindfulness-based teachers provide an opportunity for them to fulfil the UK Network’s Good Practice Guidelines to make a commitment to regular attendance on residential, teacher-led, silent meditation retreats.

3. Commissioned mindfulness-based courses. Our commissioned mindfulness-based courses are bespoke and tailored to meet the needs of the commissioning individual or organisation. We offer a range of bespoke courses, including Mindfulness in the Workplace, and work in a variety of settings, including the NHS.

Mindfulness Network retreat offerings at Trigonos:

Please contact Mindfulness Network directly for further retreat details and bookings