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Trigonos is busy throughout the year with a variety of courses. Some are run by us (marked with the Trigonos logo) while the majority are groups who have chosen Trigonos to host their courses. Many of these are open to the public. If you interested in any of the courses below please contact the organisers directly for further information.





 13 - 20

 Dharmamind Buddhist Group

 20 - 24

 Mindful Solutions - Gloria Hanson

 24 - 27

Outside drawing

 Mindfulness Drawing with Dr Maria Hayes

Observational drawing made in ‘a condition of connected looking’ alters how we perceive the world. It brings the artist into the present, moment by moment, and quietens judgmental attitudes to creativity. The approach is one of mindfulness drawing.

 This is the third year of this successful Trigonos course

 Download a booking form,  further details and see flyer.
Contact us for further details 01286 882 388 info@trigonos.org

27 Aug - 3 Sept  SYDUK



 3 - 10

 Bangor University Mindfulness Training 

 Teacher Training Course Level 1
Further information:  f.hooton@bangor.ac.uk 



10 - 17

 Milford Writers SF Workshop

 17 - 24

 Bangor University Mindfulness Training 

 Teacher Training Course Level 1
Further information:  f.hooton@bangor.ac.uk 


 24 - 28

 Harmony Holistics: Yoga & Walking Holiday
Join us for Yoga and Walking holiday in the spectacular setting of the Snowdonia National Park.  Yoga classes, evening talks/workshops, walks for all abilities in the mountains and award winning vegetarian food.
Sessions led by Mike Cragg and Frank Perry, qualified Yoga teacher and walk leaders.

For more details: www.yoga-liverpool.co.uk

 30 Sept - 2 Oct

 The Eugene Halliday Society



 2 - 7

 Bangor University Mindfulness Training 

 5 Day Mindful Self Compassion
Further information:  f.hooton@bangor.ac.uk 


 7 - 14

 The Awakening Network

 14 - 18

 Mindfulness Network CIC

 5 Day Intermediate Retreat
Further information


 18 - 20

 Practice Time : Private Retreat

 20 - 23

 Weaving Colours - with Eta Ingham Lawrie

 This popular Trigonos course is suitable for beginners or experienced weavers. Create a beautiful wallhanging using Eta's stunning styles and techniques. Non weaving partners and friends are welcome to join you.

 Download our booking form and information

Contact us 01286 882 388 or info@ trigonos.org

 23 - 28

 Bangor University Mindfulness Training 

 Mindfulness & Individual Therapy 5 Day Training
Further information:  f.hooton@bangor.ac.uk 


 28 - 30

 Bollington Yoga Group

 28 - 30

 Inspire & Rewire



 2 - 6

 Walking Women: Lesbian Bonfire Break
From our base we will be offering a choice of low intermediate and intermediate walks each day exploring the surrounding mountains of the Snowdonia National Park. There are some wonderful walks to choose from and we will be sure to select the best of them!

See website for more details and how to book



 Art North Wales

 8 - 9

 Bangor University Graduate School

 10 - 13

 Circle Dance & Meditation Residential Workshop
10th to 13th November 2016 - 10th Circle Dance and Sound Healing Residential Workshop: “Sacred Dances, Sacred Sounds” with Ana da Costa and John Hofton. For further information, please contact Ana da Costa  analubc@aol.com or phone 07979 296 057

13 - 20

 Mindfulness Network CIC

 Advanced 7 Day Retreat
This retreat is designed for those who are experienced practitioners of mindfulness meditation, including those who teach eight-week courses such as MBSR and MBCT

 Further information esther@mindfulness-network.org


 21 - 25

  Bangor University Mindfulness Training 

 Specialist 5 Day MBSR Training
Further information:  f.hooton@bangor.ac.uk 


 25 - 27

 Debbie Redcliffe Yoga

 27 - 1 Dec

 CMRP  Annual Teachers Retreat



 2 - 4

 TLC Therapies

 Art groupgroup


Looking for a venue for your workshop or retreat?
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