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Trigonos is busy throughout the year with a variety of courses. Some are run by us (marked with the Trigonos logo) while the majority are groups who have chosen Trigonos to host their courses. Many of these are open to the public. If you interested in any of the courses below please contact the organisers directly for further information.





 26 - 3 July

 More To Life



 3 - 6

 Jay Rossi Yoga

 6 - 11

 ITA Professional

 11 - 18

Beano logo


 Bicycle Beano

Cycling is a great way to get to know the beautiful and varied landscape, the history and the people of North Wales, and Trigonos is perfectly placed for rides in both the dramatic scenery of Snowdonia and the gently-undulating lanes of the Lleyn Peninsula. Bicycle Beano provides a relaxed, sociable week of group cycling with distances suitable for a range of abilities. At the end of each day, Trigonos's comfortable accommodation and renowned vegetarian catering await you

 For more details and bookings see bicycle-beano.co.uk

 20 - 24

MIndful Drawing image

 Mindfulness Drawing with Dr Maria Hayes

 Following last year's successful course, Maria is  extending this mindful drawing course to 4 nights.

  Non-residents also welcome.

 On this course you will be led through a series of
 exercises designed to retrain your hand and eye to
 work together in a new, connected way, the
 approach is one of mindful drawing.
Download further details and your booking form.

 Or call 01286 882 388 to reserve your place.

 This is a Trigonos course

 24 - 26

 Ellen Kay Yoga Group

 25 - 30

 Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain
Drawing Course with Anna Black
 Contact: anna.black@btinternet.com

"you do have the ability to draw and be creative - you just need to be shown how"

I believe the desire to create is in every one of us and we just need to find the right key to unlock it – Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, developed by Dr Betty Edwards, is the key that fits the lock.




 1 - 5

 Bangor University Mindfulness Training 

 5 Day Silent Retreat
Further information:  f.hooton@bangor.ac.uk 


 5 - 7

 Mindfulness Network CIC

 3 Day Beginners' Retreat
Further information:

  7 - 9

 Debbie Redcliffe Yoga

  9 - 14



 Into The Land - I Mewn i'r Tir

    Pilates, Walking & Photography Workshop

A photographic walking experience that embraces wilderness, forgotten highways, and poetic sensibilities. This residential workshop combines digital photography, the wild landscape of Wales and movement skills in a creative and organic way. Your physical well being is supported with the opportunity to learn contemporary Pilates technique and movement with exercises that are accessible for all levels of ability.

Drawing on the rich cultural and geographical heritage of Snowdonia, ‘Into the Land’ offers a unique photographic journey and an opportunity to develop a sense of place in the landscape of Snowdonia National Park.

5 days (residential £725, non-residential £425)

Photography Workshop only £300
(4 days non-residential)

Pilates workshop only £160
(4 days non-residential)

For more information contact Tierra Treks info@tierratreks.com or visit www.tierratreks.com

 15 - 22

 Dharmamind Buddhist Group

 25 - 29

 Yoga & Walking Holiday
 Morning & late afternoon Yoga sessions with evening
 meditation & discussion. Optional guided walks.
 British Wheel of Yoga/Yoga Alliance certified teachers.
 Details & Bookings:01744 609 058

 29 - 5 Sept

 Bangor University Mindfulness Training 

 Teacher Training Retreat level 2
Further information:  f.hooton@bangor.ac.uk 




 7 - 11

 Gloria Hanson Retreat

 12 - 19

 Milford SF Writers

 19 - 26

 Bangor University Mindfulness Training 

 Teacher Training Retreat level 2
Further information:  f.hooton@bangor.ac.uk 




 2 - 4

 Autumn Singing Weekend Retreat
 Led by Pauline Down & Rowena Whitehead

 For more details contact paulinedown7@gmail.com Download the flyer

 9 - 11

 The Eugene Halliday Society

 11 - 18

 The Awakening Network

 19 - 21

 Bangor University Mindfulness Training 

 Mindfulness & Individual Therapy Part 1
Further information:  f.hooton@bangor.ac.uk 


 22 - 25

 Weaving Colours with Eta Ingham Lawrie
Create a beautiful wall hanging using Eta's stunning styles and techniques. Colourful woollen yarns and unspun fleeces and other materials will be available for use in your freeform weaving, working on an upright loom. The course is suitable for those completely new to weaving as well as experienced weavers.
 A Trigonos course.
 Contact us for details 01286 882 388
 Download a booking form here

 26 - 30

 Infinite Way

 30 Oct - 1 November

 Bollington Yoga



 2 - 7

 Bangor University Mindfulness Training 

 Specialist 5 Day MBSR
Further information:  f.hooton@bangor.ac.uk 


 7 - 14

 Bangor University Mindfulness Training 

 Teacher Traing Retreat 1
Further information:  f.hooton@bangor.ac.uk 


 14 - 21

 Integrated Mindfulness

 27 - 29

 Elan Development



 3 - 6

 Circle Dance & Meditation Workshop

 31 December - 4 January

 Movement 4 health

 Art groupgroup


Looking for a venue for your workshop or retreat?
Contact us for information about availability.

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